Survey reveals rehabilitation case managers’ views on personal injury firms

A survey conducted by Nockolds Solicitors found that personal injury law firms do not always act in the best interests of their clients according to rehabilitation case managers. The survey found 81% of case managers claim to have experienced a situation where a claimant solicitor had ‘clearly not acted in the best interests of the client’.

Examples given of poor judgement include a solicitor who advised a client against taking on a part-time job because it might reduce the eventual settlement, and an immigration solicitor taking on a high value injury case, causing client suffer due to a lack of expertise in securing interim payments, which the client needed.

The survey further reveals:

– 69% of case managers had been verbally abused either by their clients or clients’ families, while 13% had been physically assaulted;

– 69% said they had experienced a situation where the client’s family had not acted in his or her best interests;

– 61% were most frustrated by the speed at which funding was available

This survey, commissioned by Nockolds Solicitors, provides valuable insight into the state of play for case managers and experience of the claimants.

“Nevertheless, Nockolds’ invaluable insights will certainly provide food for thought for the sector. It also highlights the importance of law firms working with medical reporting organisations experienced in serious injury and rehabilitation, so that case managers are reassured that the claimant is being put in touch with the most appropriate medical experts.”

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